There are a few ways of installing this library, the easiest of which is via Packagist with Composer.

Packagist with Composer

Composer is a great way to manage dependencies for PHP projects and there is a ready made package for Navigator available on Packagist.

In your projects composer.json file you should enter the following information:

    "require": {
        "treffynnon/navigator": "1.*"

Next you need to install composer on your system with

curl -s | php

Install the Composer managed dependencies with:

php composer.phar install

You will now have a vendors directory in your project that contains Navigator.

Composer also automatically generates an autoload file that you can use to autoload the classes of the Navigator library (and any other dependencies you have managed with Composer). To do this add the following to your projects bootstrap file:

<?php require 'vendor/autoload.php';

Navigator is now installed in your project with Composer meaning that it is easy to keep up to date!

git Clone or Zip Package

Navigator can also be installed from source by either using git to clone or export the repository or by downloading a zipped release from GitHub.

To obtain the library with git it is as simple as:

git clone git://

Otherwise you can download a zip or tar file of the latest release from GitHub and extract it.

Then to initialise the autoloader for the Navigator library add the following to your projects bootstrap:

require_once __DIR__ . 'Navigator/lib/Treffynnon/Navigator.php';
use Treffynnon\Navigator as N;

The Navigator library is now available to your project.